Coumadin Clinic

JCC is equipped with highly skilled staff members that are trained to manage patients on Coumadin®. Coumadin® (Warfarin) is a prescribed blood thinner designed to prevent development (or redevelopment) of blood clots in patients with particular medical conditions or trauma. When patients take Coumadin®, monthly monitoring is required to ensure that the appropriate therapeutic doses are taken.

At the JCC Coumadin Clinic, clinical staff members work with patients to manage their entire anticoagulation regimen. In a brief 10-15 minute visit, a small blood sample is taken to determine current therapeutic status. Adjustments in dosage may be made based on changes in a patient’s daily diet, routine medications, or presence of illness. All patients that come to the JCC Coumadin Clinic benefit from prompt service, and are provided with their results during their visit; all without unnecessary visits to the emergency room.

    • Patients with the following conditions/risk factors may be candidates for Coumadin® therapy:

      • Heart rhythm irregularities such as atrial fibrillation
      • Heart valve disorders, including prosthetic valves
      • Previous blood clots (thrombosis), including pulmonary embolism
      • Previous stroke or heart attack
      • Certain blood disorders
      • Traumatic injury or surgery in high-risk patients